David Ford

Gallery Affiliations: Dolphin

Region: Midwest

This work explores the gaze of one culture on another that is permitted when one human crosses the bridge of faith, class, character, or continent that often divides us, just as a backyard fence can be pierced by social media and comparatively easy electronic interface.

Philosophical and cultural incongruities are laced throughout the work, which considers possibilities such as the unforeseen synchronicity of Islam and Vodun. Ford experienced these over the past year following a decade during which he traced the African diaspora at the time of the Louisiana Purchase. Examining the footprint of his culture, Ford rectifies the discordance of his familial history. Having relatives fight on both sides of the Civil War, including the battle of New Orleans, he invites consideration of social and political decision-making as our society continues to confront its difficult past and complex future.

A self-taught artist, David Ford has explored the painterly in everyday contexts for over twenty-five years, incorporating diverse ideas of beauty culled from his travels in non-European societies and frequently expressing political humor.

Featured on NAP/Blog:

November 4, 2013