David Esquivel

Region: Midwest

 My work has always been about time, about what was here at the beginning. A wide variety of elements coalesced and continue to live together harmoniously in these very different worlds. Those relationships are the heart of my work. I like keeping the individuality of each object/body while allowing it to interact freely with the others. Making work where people can feel the bonds between the subjects even while they are sometimes very distant from each other. I aim to invite the viewer, not just to look upon the elements but to float throughout the world that is the painting. With that, allowing them to understand the magnitude and fragility of it all. I do my best to make work that is organic and feels as if everything has been eroded by time, leaving behind what is most resilient and important. The remnants are left in full view, exposed under a harsh light, where nothing hides. Everything is there, at peace with itself and everything around it.