Dave Eppley

Region: Northeast

I use geometry and sign making materials to investigate and intervene on neglected settings in the urban environment. In my research and work, I have found that the intricacies of a space provide more information about the space itself than most people recognize. My work is an attempt to draw these intricacies out and find the connections that lie amidst them.

I have realized at this point in my career that a space's involvement in the presentation of my art extends beyond the color of the walls and floor. My work has become a reaction to the history of the site provided by its scars and idiosyncrasies. I hone in on the imperfections and overlooked accessories within the space and use them as an impetus for bringing the space and the work into concert with each other. To me, a crack in the wall serves as a reason to make art because it raises questions as to its own manifestation within the history of the space. It is this history that gives the space an intimate identity that is otherwise overlooked, or renovated and thus erased My intention is to always keep learning how to make work in the space that is derived from the space itself.