Daniela Rivera

Gallery Affiliations: LaMonatgne Gallery

Region: Northeast

City / State: Wellesley, MA

I am a symptom of blurred cultural boundaries and a product of vernacular appropriations and cannibalizations.

My recent paintings address their own quality as three-dimensional objects. They are either site-specific works reacting to particular exhibition spaces, or they create environments that allow visitors more agency and responsibility in the work. An important creative engine for the development of my work is the notion of simulation. More than representing, I aim to simulate different elements in the creation of three-dimensional images. I use painting as a tool for staging and generating a physical experience, allowing these works to become stages that are completed only when inhabited.

I believe my work tangos with Baroque painting techniques and the presentational strategies and formal undertones of minimalist art, a contradiction in many ways, but one that offers a world of possibilities.