Daniel M. Granitto

Region: West

 I make paintings and drawings based on photos that I take as I move through daily life. My approach to subject matter is born out of a practiced disposition of receptivity. That is to say, I pass through the days with my hands open, expectant and ready to receive the gift. The gift is a moment, an event transpiring in real time and space with particular light and air. Alert, I wait for these moments when seeing becomes vision.

Having a direct and personal relationship with the subject is essential for me, which is why I work exclusively from my own photos. However, much of the contextual information that makes any moment so striking is often lost when translated to photography. To address this problem, I create particular interventions that force me to engage with memory and imagination instead of relying totally on the photo.

Through my paintings, I offer an intimate gaze at the uncanny moments of life, when the veil of the ordinary is lifted to reveal the awful (awe-full) reality of being.