Dan Isaac Bortz

Region: Pacific Coast

Website: http://www.dibortz.com

City / State: Cleveland, OH

I have surreal and ecstatically colored visions. While the subject matter in my work is always changing, it is often humorous, curious, and psychedelic in nature. Overall, I want to encourage the imagination. My imagery is easily metaphorical, but not always specific to one message. My paintings aim to entertain viewers and hold their attention, allowing them to create their own stories out of mine. Sometimes the images reference my dreams, while others are symbolic of anxieties, ecstasies, and other dominant sensations in my waking life. I’m interested in the back-and-forth between these realms. Additionally, my work is playful and reflects my enthusiasm for being alive in such an amusing world. Searching for meaning in the work feels similar to analyzing the significance of a vivid dream.