Crystal Marshall

Region: South


City / State: lithonia, GA

 My work explores the use of narrative to evoke emotional connections that reference aspects of existence. Through symbolism and allegory, I refer to what lies beneath the surface. Using varying imagery of my choosing allows me to explore imaginative realms that defy logic but are directly influenced by my experiences. I also investigate different themes that affect people from all walks of life, concerning trials and tribulations, which include hostility, victimization, exclusion, oppression, exploitation, and withdrawal, which all ties to spiritual rebirth.

Having had a nomadic experience has led me to create hybrid forms and concepts, fusing both science and spirituality. I reference biblical imagery to create fantasy dreamscapes, visually engaging storylines to intrigue the viewer. My work mainly serves as a reflection and critique of societal norms. I also paint the invisible internal and external forces that wage war against the human psyche, showing this from the perspective of an unwanted female presence. My intent is to orchestrate unpleasant experiences and create dialogue through the manifestation of beautiful imagery.