Crystal Marshall

Region: South

Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, my paintings pay homage to my life's experiences rooted in cultural disparities in the modern day African diaspora. My distinctive and personal style expresses the spirit and atmosphere of the Black consciousness. My work explores the use of narrative to evoke emotional connections that reference all aspects of life. Through symbolism and allegory I refer to what lies beneath the surface. Through the use of varying imagery of my choosing, it allows me to explore imaginative realms that defy logic but are directly influenced by life's experiences. I also investigate different themes that affect people from all walks of life, concerning life's trials and tribulations, which include hostility, victimization, exclusion, oppression, and withdrawal, all of which I believe ties into spiritual rebirth. I use motifs such as wool, thorns, and hair, but figurative and allegorical representations are just some of the visual tools I use to express myself. I consider myself to be a storyteller, and I welcome the viewer to be a part of a visual journey and to share in my experiences.