Crystal Gregory

Region: South

 If the nature of architecture is fixed and permanent, then the opposite would be a textile—collapsible and movable. Further consideration, however, would show more common links than differences. Both mediums define space, create shelter, and allow privacy, though textile has the advantage of flexibility. It is a quasi-two-dimensional plane that has the ability to fold, drape, move, and change in response to its surroundings.

As a weaver, I see myself as a builder, drawing clear connections between the lines of thread laid perpendicularly to one another through a warp and the construction of architectural spaces.

Formally, my work takes shape through a palette of building materials either paired with or mimicking textiles. I have found a tension between materials like concrete and the structural patterns of cloth. By pairing these seemingly opposite worlds, I invert material stereotypes, using the “delicate” material to exhibit strength or the “structural” materials to expose their instabilities. These gestures allow for a reinterpretation of material identities, leaving the viewer to confront their understanding of these everyday utilities.