Cristina Nunez

Region: Midwest


City / State: Columbia, MO

 Although I have been painting for many years, Nuances is my first abstract series. I have worked on many different themes and materials, but with Nuances I have stripped myself of excuses and excesses, decanting from painting what I find essential: color and composition.

Regions of color that generate new tones and transparencies as they overlap. There are no lines or stories, only color and composition. With Nuances I experience the peace and joy of seeing colors be themselves. The manifestation of art as a pure expression with neither purpose nor bounds.

To look at life in the eye and find nothing but the creative pulse. See the human essence in art as a cultural product that does not need to hide the arbitrariness of its origin.

Instead of trying to say something through the painting, Nuances gives me the silence and serenity to listen to what the painting itself has to say.