Craig Dongoski

Gallery Affiliations: Tinney Contemporary

Region: South


City / State: Atlanta, GA

I am an artist working in multimedia technology while rooting it in to the conventional practice of drawing. My work derives from investigations into a grey area between drawing and writing. The physical action of both practices has been a source of compelling curiosity for me. The relationship of the spoken and written word has led me to explore the connection between the drawn mark and the sound produced while inscribing.

The execution rate of these drawings are exceptionally slow. They connect themselves visually and conceptually to assimilating with geological time and sound waves. One could think of my method being inverted in that rather than responding to a sound that yields a pictorial result, I am responding to a visual [line] that yields a spectrographic result. I also see these works as internal expressions. The slow and obsessive nature of the process literally places me within the work at a microscopic [microphonic] vantage.