Corrine Colarusso

Gallery Affiliations: Sandler Hudson Gallery

Region: South

In my work, nature, landscape, the bright symbolic sunrise, the gloaming, weather conditions, plant life, paint, and color become a stirred fiction. Recent paintings describe the landscape in clusters of reeds and grasses becoming chambers, channels, and shelters––tentlike formations of switch grass as architecture under big sky and distant views. I paint these images not only for what they are but for what else they are––how they build the case for emotional connection through observation, the meandering gaze, the contemplated line. These speculations depict an intimate yet runaway universe––and hopefully a channel to the everyday spectacular.

We live in a time when technology seems increasingly natural to us and nature itself less so. And yet, behind every common weed and vine lay a wild and remote hinterland very much like our own. In this way, we are connected to the patterns and signals found within the language of rocks, reeds, and vistas that glow.