Corrine Colarusso

Gallery Affiliations: Sandler Hudson Gallery

Region: South

"Landscape painting has a long history in art and culture. It offers the moving experience of positioning ones' place in the world. It offers recognition, familiarity; a place apart, to observe and to think. It is an alternative place to be, at least for a moment. Ways of seeing and thereby understanding are influenced by ideas of what constitutes order and beauty in the natural world. In our day, because we acknowledge environmental awareness as subtext, landscape painting offers a contemplated reality; no matter how beautiful the landscape may appear, we are aware of something else- something fugitive.

These large -scale paintings reflect my interest in the process of seeing and the combination of subjectivity and objectivity, bioluminescence, (real and imagined), the pattern language of reeds, grasses, the dark tannic acid of swamp water, and things that glow. In painting, the world is a malleable place, the sets and subsets of sky; water and reed formations, can become both pastoral and epic simultaneously. These are not exercises in verisimilitude, but rather composite arrangements fused in paint, large enough in scale to offer an immersive experience."