Corinne Yonce

Region: Northeast

 Painting answers my impulse to re-materialize personal histories that have been lost over time. My figurative paintings incorporate ethnographic media, including household objects, audio interviews, and photographs. The assemblage of fragmented memories and materials form an imperfect narrative of my home experience.

My work considers the intimacies of home space and the figures sharing that space. The paintings reach for domestic reference points both in content and in material, hanging like drapes and featuring puddling mops and reflective mirrors. I integrate household objects with a sense of humor, reverence, and shame. Like those who I work with as a housing advocate, these objects become symbolic of a place we can no longer visit.

The instinct to hold on to objects, photographs, and other forms of documentation is deeply embedded in my experiences of housing insecurity. Through making my work, I am recreating the muscle memory of relocation by holding onto the unwieldy materiality of home and bringing it from place to place. Home is the materials and memories that remain, rather than the sheltering structures.