Corinne Forrester

Region: South


City / State: Daytona Beach, FL

 As young as age three, Corinne Forrester became a student of watercolors and acrylics while under the tutelage of her maternal grandmother. Art and creativity have steadily been an integral part of her daily bread. Her heritage is a significant source of personal pride and curiosity. She is deeply inspired by “the stories of us”; her work centers around the multifaceted beauty and the sometimes sad yet triumphant relativity of personal exploration.

She often uses acrylics and metallic powders on wood panels, creating skyscapes and backgrounds that mirror that sentiment of emotional duality— playful yet clashing, still yet quietly quaking. Vibrant splashes of color combined with organic forms and textures help to create narratives ranging from feminism, culture, ethnicity, nature, social constructs, symbolism, spirituality, history, and even her own misadventures as a tall, curvaceous “Southern biracial woman w/ hair and soul as wild as the day is long.”