Corey Pemberton

Region: Pacific Coast

 As humans we make assumptions about people based on things like race, gender expression, socioeconomic status, etc., but preconceived notions can be one-dimensional and ultimately quite harmful. When you feel the world wants to “other” you or put you in a certain box, home is often the only place where you feel safe and can truly be yourself.

I challenge stereotypes by depicting my subjects as everyday people doing everyday things: eating, visiting, resting, drinking coffee, lounging. I want the viewer to see themselves in the work. And to remind the viewer what a privilege it is to fit in and to feel a sense of belonging. People are never just one thing, and individuality ought to be celebrated. However it is important to make space for the othered to feel ordinary and relatable. To feel ordinary is a luxury.

I examine the depth of information we can learn about a person by being welcomed and present in their home. The objects we surround ourselves with are rich with personality and meaning.