Colin Livingston

Gallery Affiliations: Plus Gallery

Region: West

This group of paintings is made to give you the viewer the power to make the painting YOU want. It gives you options and encourages you to consider which options you would select. All the viewer has to do is select a palette, a pattern, a logo and a slogan.

Step 1: Pick-A-Palette. There are six different color palettes to chose from. The 4 colors in the center of the palette will create all the colors used on the actual painting. The 5th color, which is on the outside of each palette, is the wall color that each painting is intended to be hung on.

Step 2: Pick-a-Pattern. There are also six different patterns to chose from, represented in grayscale as each pattern can be interpreted in each of the 6 different color palettes.

Step 3: Pick-A-Logo. Six more options, done again in grayscale, give you your logo options. The logo selected will be placed over the pattern in the finished painting.

Step 4: Pick-A-Slogan. The final step to creating your own painting is selecting a phrase from 12 options. Slogans come in two varieties: the sincere and the ironic. The sincere slogans state the meaning of my paintings, so that anyone who can read English (or have it read to them) can understand them. I want as many people as possible to understand my message, regardless of whether they are art educated or not, because it is really important to me. The ironic slogans are a simple twist on the sincere: they are just the plain opposite of how I feel.