Clare Rosean

Gallery Affiliations: 511 Gallery

Region: Midwest

I use my drawings and paintings as a means by which I can plot the absurdities of human folly and crises from an outsider’s perspective. Each piece can be read as a map on its own, or within a larger narrative, of not only space and the everyday events and people that fill space, but of the individual and his place in the bigger picture. My maps chart the landscape of the everyday; the ubiquity of pop and consumer culture, i.e. the seen, along with one’s individual secrets and feelings, namely the unseen. I intend my work to be lighthearted, humorous, and visually appealing for the viewing pleasure of the audience. I very much want to create something intriguing and entertaining for both artists and non-artists to look at. I want the viewer to step outside himself and put himself in the world as a piece in a cartoon puzzle, as one element amongst many in the day to day humdrum and calamity; then stand back and laugh at the absurdity of it all.