Christopher W. Reno

Region: Midwest

Some of the things I’ve heard about my work in grad school:

My paintings really feel like the 70’s to me.
My paintings are SOOOO totally about the 80’s.
My paintings seem to be nostalgic for a time that I’m not really nostalgic for.
My paintings are anti-art, like Josh Smith, or maybe mall art like I’d see near the food court.
My paintings are loaded with MSG, like eating a whole bag of CHEETOS. I want to eat the whole bag but then I just feel SOOO gross.
My paintings use beginning painter’s tricks. The FADE is one of the sexiest tricks that we painters have. I tell all my students that.
My paintings suggest that maybe I should be making my paintings on walls with VINYL LETTERING. My paintings are really starting to work in the smaller scale pieces.
My larger paintings seem to have a better sense of what I’m going for.
My paintings can’t find the needle in the haystack.
A lot of hay COULD be made with my paintings.