Christopher L. Mercier

Region: Pacific Coast

My “paintings” are focused on explorations of the workings of the “pictorial window” and its relationship to space. Traditionally, because of the separation of space created by the pictorial window or picture plane, Painting has always re-presented space as two-dimensional or as a three-dimensional illusion (perspective techniques). Painting has never been able to engage in actual space three-dimensionally. My work reframes the picture plane to investigate an expanded condition. Through a process that involves multiple, diversely oriented panels, the traditional singular pictorial window is transformed. Additionally, by rethinking the material of paint—not only a pigment medium for color and texture, but also a construction/form-making material—and introducing a casting process, I allow the painting to project off the surface into space. Together, the whole process resembles a cross between the acts of painting, sculpting, and architectural modeling that allows Painting to move through the pictorial window. The field of painting extends into real, experiential three-dimensional space.