Christopher Cascio

Region: West


City / State: Houston, TX

 Over the past decade my art has dealt with themes of obsession, compulsion, and ritual practice. The work now primarily consists of hard-edge paintings and is heavily influenced by textiles. Color and its transformative effects on the human psyche are paramount. The paintings come from a spiritual place and serve as a fount of positive energy for those who take the time to look deeply. The act of painting is curative and creates an aura of healing around the work.

My paintings combine complex color theory and motifs based on traditional quilting patterns with geometric abstraction. While my practice typically makes use of masking tape, aerosol, and acrylic paint, the new work is made entirely of sewn clothing. This brings my practice full circle, to painting-like quilts (instead of quilt-like paintings) that are stretched onto frames. They function as paintings even though they are made entirely with fabric and thread. I use my own worn-out clothes as well as those of my wife, son, extended family, and friends.