Christian Fagerlund

Region: West


City / State: Denton, TX

I am interested in the subtleties that arise when things settle, whether in a landscape, an interior, a human body or face, or the inert objects around me. A great deal happens in these moments of stillness, when time seemingly expands. I capture the gradations of light, color, form, expression, and mood that are born out of this settling.

I am first and foremost attracted to form—specifically the human form and the ways in which light interacts with, enhances, and plays against it. Light is an equal participant in my drawings and paintings: a clear and assertive entity. Scale is also an important aspect of my work. I tend to work either very small or very large, dramatically affecting the content, meaning, and interpretation of an image. My small-scale figure paintings are distilled through attention, consideration, and description, which creates an intimate experience that is transportive for the viewer.