Chris Trueman

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Claremont, CA

I explore the temporality of representation through abstraction by constructing new systems and modes in which the material of painting converges with the visual aesthetic of digital and photographic imagery. I discover the possibilities of paint’s articulation of space, surface, time, and image. My newest work is painted on large-scale Yupo, a synthetic paper that is then mounted on Sintra. The unique interaction of the smooth Yupo surface and acrylic paint, both sprayed on and applied with a brush and squeegee, allows for marks and forms to function as either positive or negative space. This back-and-forth relationship of positive and negative reverses the norm of gestural painting by presenting the gestural mark and its inversion within the same space. While the mark is a record of movement or idea, the negative gesture forms a transparent boundary between previous and subsequent layers.