Chris Miller

Region: Pacific Coast


I am an intuitive maker who explores the abstract by employing a wide array of two- and three-dimensional processes. I compose experimental spaces with kinetic constructions that engage in distinctive, multilayered mark making. Drawing machines deposit ink on paper, which is incorporated into future devices. This circuit produces dense, idiosyncratic configurations, which allows for a rapport between informed intentions and unpredictable results. These configurations are both intimate and public, involving awareness of intricacies within the results, while treating the work as an artistic document that records the phenomenology of color, liquid, and time. By creating immensely intricate environments in which details are in constant change, I am able to engage the viewer’s own wonder. When in motion, the work is akin to fire in its ability to captivate the imagination. Ink drips and accumulates as a pen incessantly marks the surface; observing these moments accesses our basic need for understanding. The viewer is engaged in a dialogue with the imaginative and the physical that leads to a greater sensitivity to the micro and macro in our world.