Chloe Chiasson

Region: MFA Annual

My passion is art and people. My interest is in the people who are in between: between worlds or between genders. My position “in between” has me defined by, trapped in, resisting, and breaking free from the complex cultural debates of sexuality, gender, and subjectivity. My work is a rejection of the mutual exclusiveness of masculinity and femininity in favor of a simultaneous coexistence, focusing on the process through which we come to find our authentic selves, and the struggles that arise as we assert those selves within constraining environments.

My delight in authenticity is pervasive and it disregards cultural distinctions drawn in the realms of sex, gender, and sexuality. An advocate of traversing these false borders, I create in order to realize the generative tensions compelled and concealed by an oppositional rationale, inspired by the desire to rebel against the paradigm of sameness versus difference that has historically suppressed nonconforming identities or expressions.