Chip Southworth

Region: South


City / State: Jacksonville, FL

Sign-painting is in my blood: I had a design-heavy upbringing, working in the family sign shop. Today, I consider myself as much an activist as an artist and I am doing my best to say what I think needs to be said. Art is a powerful tool in that regard. Art can be a weapon to protect our voices and freedoms and to point to injustices. This is where I live. My art is about giving voice to those who aren’t able to make these same statements . . . who don’t have the same rights or protections that I do.

My work explores the interaction of color theory and text compositions that push visual perception. Color can create these optical illusions and interference at intersections. Playing with depth allows viewers to decode parts of the work. The pop-ish bright hues throw off their senses while setting them up for the impact of the realism of the messages that the pieces convey. There’s also a painterly touch to them, a nod to where I came from.