Cheyanne Ramos

Region: West

My paintings are amalgamations of real, perceived, and projected experiences built from the fragments of found and personal photographs, objects, memories, and art history. I fuse these unstable, divergent, and often conflicted sources into new fictions. People and places appear as remote apparitions, distorted or idealized memories, fabrications or projections. Together they conflate time—the present exists in the discomfort that lies between a nostalgic past and a foreboding future.

My primary interest is our increasing disassociation from the natural world. Disasters expose our vulnerabilities to forces from which we mistakenly believe ourselves exempt. Extreme natural events, often shown here against a backdrop of majestic landscapes, provide a disturbing confluence of beauty and horror. Through them, I convey our underlying human fears while portraying the natural world as the unrelenting and sublime force that it is.