Cheryl Hochberg

Gallery Affiliations: eDavid Gallery

Region: Northeast

Over the past few years, I have created a group of paintings that are dense with subject matter – figure, landscape, animals, and still life. Although each painting has narrative elements, I intend for them to be read more poetically. There is no exact story; instead, elements in the paintings take on meaning according to what else in the picture the viewer considers them along side of. The pictures often include things, representations of things (perhaps a photograph, picture, or symbol) and representations of representations of things (for example, a toy animal reflected in a mirror). The ”actors” in these paintings are either children or animals, all of whom remain unflustered by their enigmatic surroundings.

I find the formal issues in painting as compelling as the subject matter. I consider the color and design of each piece to be of equal importance to the subject matter in creating the overall character of a work. These paintings are oil on panel, and they are varnished to create an enamel-like surface.