Chase Hall

Region: Northeast

 My practice focuses on the resilient fortitude of people who have endured under racist structures, and I convey this through loose and audacious strokes. My palette permits a color sensibility focusing on the histories of landscape and labor. I work to dignify my subjects through stoicism and spirit but magnify the complexity of generational trauma and the confusion of being biracial. By intentionally leaving parts of the raw cotton canvas exposed, I recognize brown bodies and their relationship to American origin-hood. I allow the canvas to embody a white paint and utilize it in stereotypical areas of the body, questioning society’s relationship to racial fetishism. I excavate material and visual embodiments of bigotry and critique its generational relationship to the white imagination. By challenging these fictions, I harness a malleability to reinform the often one-sided narrative of America’s history. I create moments of recognition and empathy in hope of a racial literacy and emotional spectrum to better understand the painful inheritance of the past and its resonance in the present day.