Changha Hwang

Gallery Affiliations: Benrimon Contemporary

Region: Northeast

I make abstract paintings. They are done intuitively with no predetermined plans. The vocabulary of my work stems from my interests in, among many (and not to mention the history of painting), Islamic tile pattern, traditional Jewish papercuts, and Venetian lace makings in which they share a common thread of compelling visual experiences of the inter-locking systems of orders in pattern. I am particularly drawn to the concept of relationship of spaces in the pattern of these complex imageries. At a visual level, this concept of relationship in spaces creates the intensity of energy toward evolutions, generating the identity of the fundamentality in dimensions of spaces, ultimately revealing the notion of time. This concept of relationship lies in the core of my work. What I hope to create in my painting is the visceral tactility of the concept of the relationship of space and time. I am not interested in making paintings that have traditional sense of clear divisions of figure and ground. I want to make a painting monotopical rather than discursive. I am going for the objecthood of the colors in painting.

So far, McLuhan was right.
“Medium Is The Message.”