Chandler Wigton

Region: West


City / State: Albuquerque , NM

I am always on the verge of some great discovery, yet the focal point recedes into the distance or vanishes right before my eyes. Mirages come together and dissipate cyclically, and forms are never locked in time. There is an intense desire for things that are utterly unattainable. I am able to explore these faraway places in time and space through pathways of the mind that interconnect and fold on top of each other like the labyrinths of the inner ear, where distant echoes are converted into elaborate texts and indecipherable codes.

Immediacy and refinement, complexity and simplicity—these are points of fluctuation in my process. I am interested in the emotive qualities of color, the musical and rhythmic qualities of line, and the idea of synesthesia. My current work is an effort to root myself in the universe.