Chad Sines

Region: MFA Annual


City / State: Independence, MO

I am interested in the complex relationships that question the understanding of how social environments shape us, oftentimes referencing social issues within a community context. In my work, I set out to explore a multilayered realm of ideas on social and urban sustainability. Having engaged subjects as diverse as the factors that influence an understanding of people and their environments, my work can be seen as environmental interventions in which I redefine materials scavenged from the street as sculptural installations that respond to the impromptu networks that emerge within a city. Handling issues of economy, material use, and value, my process is an exchange between the execution of decisions and concessions made to the nature of the materials. Addressing these issues less in terms of form than as a kind of strategy, I decompose the subject and selectively isolate and reassemble its parts to articulate a precise formal language that speaks to our collective experience and the complex interactions therein.