Catherine Colangelo

Gallery Affiliations: DARKE Gallery

Region: West


City / State: Houston, TX

My work has influences as varied as illuminated manuscripts, Indian and Islamic miniatures, textiles, and visionary art. I’m especially drawn to the beautiful patterning used in these traditions. My latest work represents shields, which function metaphorically as protection. I’m interested in the everyday sorcery that being a parent involves. Entrusted with the life of another, without any training, we cobble together knowledge to try to ensure the child’s survival and thriving. Following a long tradition of art used to protect, guard, or heal loved ones, these shields serve as talismans, spells, or wishes. Eye forms ward off evil—complicated and repetitive patterns entrap the bad.

My working habits have become very important to me over the years. I paint primarily at night, once the constant juggling and stresses of a day job, parenting, and running a household are over. The time in the studio is my refuge at the end of a hectic day, and I paint every night, trying to create something good and beautiful.