Casey Gray

Gallery Affiliations: The Haen Gallery, Patricia Rovzar Gallery, Robert Allen Fine Art, Alan Avery Art Company

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: San Francisco, CA

In the Internet age of cultural production, collections of massproduced objects can often stand in for genuine individuality. I’m interested in how people process, manage, and organize the visual overload of contemporary life. My work explores our relationship to common objects, and their ability to create identity in an era when it is no longer necessary to commit information to memory, where notions of individuality and ownership are nebulous. Through a filter informed by past experience and a hopeful albeit dystopic future, I compose disparate source material into complex still-life arrangements inspired by personal and universal anecdotes and narratives. These arrangements allow for personality to emerge through the curation and placement of objects, their intended uses and symbolism becoming malleable by their relationship to others. The environments I construct are meant to intrigue and confound viewers, while simultaneously offering a moment of reconciliation and clarity.