Cary Reeder

Gallery Affiliations: Avis Frank Gallery

Region: West


City / State: Houston, TX

Untold stories and narratives veiled in the mundane are the basis for my work. I anthropomorphize inanimate objects in the built and natural environment. Old houses become repositories of secrets and losses and carry the imprints of lives lived. Crepe myrtles, with their twisting, limb-like branches, become a metaphor for my hands and fingers, so critical to my life’s work. My process often feels subliminal, with the reason for my creating a body of work taking time to reveal itself.

My ongoing Neighborhood Series is inspired by the changes in my rapidly gentrifying neighborhood near downtown Houston. While my initial attraction to the 1920s bungalows was a hope for their preservation, as I worked I realized that the series was instead about loss and the secrets of home life that are hidden behind drawn blinds and closed doors.

Underlying all of my work is the desire to create a mood and atmosphere and a somewhat open slate that leaves the viewer curious and questioning, compelled to fill in the missing details.