Cary Loving

Region: South


City / State: Richmond, VA

 My work involves overlapping combinations of media. Photo transfer and paint are combined with clay, and photographs are transferred, screenprinted, or collaged into paintings. I welcome the expressive possibilities of not limiting myself to a single medium. As well, I work loosely to encourage unplanned, intuitive outcomes. Nature for me is a frequent source of imagery, lessons, and metaphors. A recurrent theme in my work is the memento mori. Evident in all of nature are alerts to the transitory: the constancy of the struggle to survive, the attempts at renewal, and the inevitable endings.

Sometimes the landscape images I make are places of poignancy and poetry, with muted colors and lyricism. In this current series, Calling, the opposite happens when a sense of urgency requires intensity of colors and boldness of shapes. The starkness of bare trees is contrasted with a fulsome botanical on a stalk that observes, points, or emits a siren call across the vista, with a sense of warning. My work says: We need to pay attention.