Caroline Harman

Region: Northeast


City / State: Newtown, CT

Challenging the metaphysics of human finitude in search of the infinite and using painting as the experimental ground, I stumble toward an intuitive understanding of the contradictions between extinction and survival. The pop culture images of Wonder Woman and Superman, and Tarzan and Jane, reflect the collective soul of humanity. These stories are woven with the same threads of the original hero tales, and they offer an interpretive picture of our experience and touch a place in the human heart that is primordial. But rather than using the hero and villain of mythology to illustrate the paths of integrity and evil, I attempt to visually capture the dangerous simplicity, inertia and exhaustion which overwhelms the human psyche.

How might an artist imagine the nature of the human spirit? How could one individual travel beyond the readily available visual worlds of pathos and self-pity into the more subtle realms of humor and resiliency? Perhaps it is that ineffable resiliency which courses through the veins and vessels leading directly into the hero heart, propelling humanity toward its own survival and potential future evolution.