Carol Prusa

Gallery Affiliations: Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, Jenkins Johnson Gallery, Kostulk Gallery, Tinney Contemporary

Region: South

Connection is fleeting. A pregnant belly distends towards a potential big bang. Macro and micro scales collide in intimate exchanges. The chaotic abyss rebounds. There are no answers but you feel infinitely generous.

As a “conceptual voyager” I intuit visual solutions to problems contemplated by cosmologists. My intimate painted surfaces are initiated in silverpoint then heightened with acrylic. Metal leaf and fiber optics are added. As I visually play with the frothy flux created when scientists and artists imagine, each work posits, as George Johnson suggests science does, “... a glorious human construction, an artful fitting of the data into a carefully crafted mental framework, a construction of towers that just possibly might have been built another way.” As artists and scientists seek to explain our place, I join these dreamers of the “whole” and offer possibility.

“… Prusa’s horrors are all sublime, tinged with melancholy and charged with an extreme attention to detail that makes them seem, somehow, to probe the heart of life’s mysteries and illuminate the essential fact of life: that it is abundant, simple, unpredictable and very beautiful…” - Laura Stewart, Fine Arts Writer, The News-Journal, Sept. 3, 2006