Carly Glovinski

Gallery Affiliations: Carroll and Sons

Region: Northeast


City / State: Dover, NH

My work is rooted in observation, employs contemporary trompe l’oeil techniques, and takes the form of drawings, painted objects, and installations. In it, I bend the perception of things we recognize and experience as ordinary, creating a deeper awareness of the experience of “seeing” and allowing for unexpected connections between concept, materials, and the iconography of objects. By dissecting, duplicating, and mimicking the objects, underlying patterns, and organizing systems that form the backdrop of our lives, I seek to expose a universal fabric that binds us all. I think we can find wonder in the everyday if we slightly shift our view, keep our eyes open, and are willing to see the connection between things. I want to make work born from this place, and have it inspire in others a desire to interact with the tangible world—to roam, to be present, and to have reverence for the history that is contained in places and things and the grandeur of nature on this planet we inhabit.