Carlson Hatton

Region: Pacific Coast

My work slips between representation and abstraction, exploring the limits of our visual language and presenting the layered complexity of our environment. I’m interested in subjects that cannot be captured in a single frame, such as the symbiotic relationship of place and figure or the passage of time.

Most of us discovered complex configurations of space within cartoons long before learning about cubism. I’m drawn to an aesthetic where scale relations are secondary and fights are visualized through tumbleweed-like formations of swirling fists, feet, and occasional bottles. I’m fascinated by the visual leap required to process such visuals, and I wish to challenge what we accept as an accurate reflection of our reality. Capturing what one sees is a nearly impossible task; I find a stronger sense of realism in a description that includes passing thoughts, fragments of conversation, and a subconscious that bubbles up and informs all that we process. My work reflects a world that asks to be deciphered or reconstructed, one that celebrates the joyous psychedelia of everyday life.