Carlos Daniel Donjuan

Gallery Affiliations: Kirk Hopper Fine Art

Region: West


City / State: Dallas, TX

My work is an invitation to join me as I explore personal narratives of the societal constructs and perceptions of illegal immigration. Coming to America from Mexico as a child presented a unique set of challenges that I experienced while growing up. My work reflects on my upbringing and some of the struggles associated with being identified as an illegal immigrant or “alien.” I continue to redefine and contextualize the terms I heard as a youth, with the goal of making a visual translation that everyone can relate to. The work is acutely personal, often referencing family and friends in hopes of gaining a better understanding of my fears of not belonging, failure, and even mortality.

In this body of work I playfully appropriate the pejorative term “alien,” cloaking figures in sprightly shapes and patterns. The masked hybrid characters of people and creatures found in my work confront viewers without making them uncomfortable.