Carla Knopp

Region: Midwest


City / State: Indianapolis, IN

I’m very interested in frameworks. A good framework will focus the painting process in one way, but will allow me to explore in many other ways. The “Mounts” series seem restricted to a specific matter, but are actually products of a very elastic framework. The Mounts are earthwork structures unknown origin, and unknown, but undeniable, purpose. They could be monuments; they could be memorials. They could be of human or alien or supernatural origin. They may exist as a painted depiction of fictitious reality, or I may use the very act of painting these structures as a metaphor, for I am “building” them as I paint them. These considerations may compete or co-exist, and may be augmented, or usurped, by all sorts of formal meanders. Anything can happen, separately or simultaneously. It’s all held together, both from the viewing end and from the creation side, by a simple subjective framework. I find this very liberating.