Camille Hoffman

Region: Northeast

City / State: New Haven, CT

Investigating the materials of a mythical future, I follow the shifting identities and elusive memories of a remaining generation of humans. Although this future will contain the immanent presence of ancestors, these humans will have to revive and reinvent the rituals forgotten in the most recent spiritual apocalypse in order to prevail. In this time, displaced histories, cultures, and materials— plastic, print, pencil, and paint—will be diligently reconfigured to hybridize new connections to the powerful ancestors residing in the stars. Survival depends on reclaiming this communication through a momentous weaving that directs their passage through nine antinomic realms: Flesh, Stone/Mortar/Fire, Dead Trees, Plateaus, Folding Time, Warp and Weft, Blue Fog, Glass/ Transparent Gate, and Stars.