Caleb Weintraub

Region: Midwest


City / State: Bloomington, IN

 Everyone is wounded. Everyone carries on. This is a hypothetical reality that draws from nature, art history, magic . . . the news. These are vestiges of a world that is familiar but appears here half-remembered or misremembered and reincarnated in a fanciful way. Incongruous plants and sometimes animals exist side by side. People merge with the land and emerge from thin air. Climates are theoretical. Everything is fluid. The rocks might melt, the sea stand still. The trees may change at any moment . . . a new pattern may be imported, a character swapped . . . a sky stolen. In a civilization saturated with information some people flee from the cities, run from the chatter, wander through forests, take to the hills, brave the sea . . . go hunting for hurricanes . . . even in the storm.