Bumin Kim

Region: West

Website: http://www.buminkim.com

City / State: Dallas, TX

This body of work is a showcase of questions, an approach to the idea of painting in an expanded field. I explore the nature and potential of line to push the boundaries between a twodimensional surface and three-dimensional space. The transformative power of materiality is at play in these works: I repurpose the context of thread to emphasize the energy, delicacy, and grace of painting. My repertoire of tools includes both the slender weight of the solitary line and the solidity formed by massed lines. These works shift, undulate, and pulse into our space, promulgating themselves as entities emancipated from the confines of flatland and now poised, vibrating, just above the surface. Painting has been personified, and is no longer limited to the index of the hand, or the illusion of the flat surface.