Brooke Henderson Stewart

Region: Northeast


City / State: Boston, MA

My work is a direct response to moments in my life when I have felt humiliated and demeaned—a reflection of feelings of defenselessness and vulnerability. My latest paintings, depicting scenes from my personal college athletic career, address the gender gap and inequality in sports. They focus on the concept of a system: being part of something that is greater than oneself but also being constrained by a set of rules. The structure of the system demands that each member perform a certain task. Ideally, if all tasks are performed as planned, the system runs smoothly. I have explored the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) through the eyes of a participant—a cog in the wheel that is part of a greater commercial hierarchy. From the day that you sign the national letter of intent, you become not a student but an employee of the coach, the athletic director, and the entire NCAA.