Brittany Mojo

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: los angeles, CA

I am engaged in a practice that greatly implicates my own living space, through its paintings, objects, or textiles, all of which relate to both domestic and abstract spaces. Using iconic domestic imagery and elaborate pattern (both in material and process), I create relationships between objects that often question beauty, femininity, and ephemerality. I am interested in process—in systems, patterns, color, detailed repetitive work, and scale as it relates to the micro and macro worlds that we simultaneously inhabit. My studio has become its own installation, as objects within it are continuously arranged, rearranged, and reinvented as I see fit. A bridge emerges between the two- and threedimensional works within my practice; drawn out, handcut, and installed in such a way as to create an illusion of 3D space. Objects arranged in strong relationships inform a discourse rooted in abundance, idiosyncrasy, order, and material hierarchy.