Britt Tolliver

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Hendersonville , NC

While language in any form can be twisted and miscommunicated, the present new consciousness can be described as the “death of trust.” One has to resort to the scribbles of altered states. By opening up that door, one can assume that the only thing left to do is to disembowel a self-created belief system that uses symbology to rationalize and justify a person’s actions. A vigilante mind manifesto, if one is to put it into rational terms.

My worlds are the opposite of pleasant, but the mirror includes coded emotion and rational jealousy and is indebted to the counter-narrative. This type of narrative spins in circles until one breaks new ground. The struggle is a glorious attempt to show that these thoughts are obsessed about artifacts that will never be as precious as true thought or the imagined tangibles of experimental constructs that allude to an actual time and place. After picking over the content, one might not have the desire to understand this friction fiction, but just to look.