Brion Ruda Rosch

Gallery Affiliations: Eli Ridgway Gallery, DCKT Contemporary

Region: Pacific Coast

I produce paintings, collages and sculptural work fusing disparate images and materials. By deconstructing and rearranging found book pages, blocks of wood, and other banal objects I create new landscapes and formalist structures. The collaged images create and negate form and content, figure and landscape, the monumental and non-monumental. Whether making a collage, arranging materials or collaborating with others, the immediate task and material at hand claim the most importance. Each of these endeavors is approached with equal care, and the same logic of selection, alteration, and intersection. It is through these interconnected activities of art-making, curating, and collaborating that I attempt to understand the process of arranging and how those arrangements define and obscure meaning. Discovering the simplified beauty of these found images and mundane objects is often one movement or shift from its original locale.