Bridget Mullen

Region: West


City / State: Brooklyn, NY

There’s a low-grade hum of unease with me all the time. It’s the awareness of now, and how quickly now vanishes and how I am constantly stepping into the unknown. It’s the reason the content of my work is found in the process of making it. I want to own the uncertainty by amplifying it through making images I’ve never (consciously) thought of or seen before. No planning, just improvising. This way of generating ambiguous imagery results in work that resists succinct narratives.

My materials range from canvas and paper to pillowcases and rocks. I change up my materials to react to new painting surfaces and to avoid habitual mark making. My political, personal, and interpersonal identities, fears, and desires are present in my work (though often subliminally) because they are present in everything I do. My process hinges on trusting the visual realm as an arena for realization.

This freedom from restraint in my process draws out and acknowledges the validity of meaning that cannot be explained in words.