Brian Scott Campbell

Gallery Affiliations: DUTTON Gallery

Region: West


City / State: Denton, TX

I make black and white drawings on paper. These images feature blunt forms in unsteady compositions. The figures depicted move freely between public space and private moments; they sweat, cry, feverishly run out of the frame, work in the studio, play hockey, or jot down letters. Each moment, whether the figure is in agony or gleeful delusion, is fraught with conflicted emotion or divided attention. The community of characters are individualized by their anatomical distortions, exaggerated proportions, awkward personal expression, and possibly by hidden, buried emotions and intentions. The figures exude puckish confidence, with their disproportionate legginess and casual, deadpan clumsiness. The wild, unwieldy movements and transgressions of the subject are trapped for the gaze of an unseen viewer.