Brian Scott Campbell

Gallery Affiliations: DUTTON Gallery

Region: West


City / State: Denton, TX

These diminutively scaled paintings combine everyday signs, symbols, and hallucinations. Drawing—an important gravitational point and central language for these paintings—accounts for the preference for flatness and varying shades of mottled grays.

These landscapes suggest leisurely scenes of distant mountains, suns, and boats but pushed through a cartoonish sieve, as though quoting directly from Mickey Mouse.

The rudimentary lines and simple geometries are employed as easily grasped building blocks. And yet each careful arrangement suggests an evolving yet fragmentary narrative. One senses that they are not perceiving any one environment or lived experience but instead touching on archetypes and conventions of looking and representation. Nature is permitted to collide with architecture and figuration, where a tree might insinuate a column, a sailboat a nose, or a field a mere outlined triangle.

Like a garden, the spaces I am interested in are both portals to a physical world and entirely artificial. As such, the imagery in my work reflects the idea of memory itself as a collection of real and fictional experience.