Brett Smith

Region: South

For years, my practice has focused on growth at a cellular level and the connectedness of life and death in the natural world. I have found so much complexity and beauty in the forms that result from natural growth and have recently begun to see similar patterns in less natural forms. I have become fascinated by the relationships between the organic and the man-made. Even in a cityscape we see cycles. Construction, completion, and decay are the life cycle of our built environments. Through the erasure and redrawing of lines in my work, I try to show the depth of the surroundings we take for granted. Like a construction site as it moves from being framed with two-by-fours to a complete building, I begin my work from the most minimal place and expand to the most complex. My process mimics the constant growth of cities and I hope to begin a dialogue about how that type of growth works with, or against that of the natural world.